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After 1L finals are complete, the dreaded writing competition looms.  The writing competition is half bluebook citation corrections and half legal writing, and your performance will determine which journal you end up on.  Students are allowed to opt out of the writing competition, but being on a journal is a valuable experience and it fulfills your writing requirement for graduation.  BU Law has some great journals, and since the law journal rankings were just released, I thought it would be helpful to discuss them here.

Journals in the law school are student-run, and publish articles from attorneys and professors.  Additionally, journals often publish Notes written by their student members.

First up, Boston University Law Review.  This is the flagship journal at the law school.  Our Law Review ranks an impressive 22nd and regularly publishes articles that are cited in other journals and legal opinions.  For example, I relied heavily on the Law Review’s symposium on David Strauss’s The Living Constitution while taking a seminar on Constitutional Theory.

Personally, I’m an Article Editor on the Journal of Science & Technology Law.  As an Article Editor, I review and edit the citations and content of the articles our managing editors selected for publication.  It’s been a great experience thus far, and the skills actually proved helpful during my judicial internship.

From its name, it’s clear that the Journal of Science & Technology Law focuses on the changing law in the fields of science and technology.  JOSTL is a very well-respected journal, ranking 71/1073 among specialized journals, and 7 among technology and science focused journals.

Other specialized journals at BU include, American Journal of Law and MedicineReview of Banking & Financial LawPublic Interest Law Journal, and Boston University International Law Journal.


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