The Legal Academy

Tonight is the 86th Academy Awards ceremony, also known as The Oscars. Awards will be given out for the Best Actor, Best Actress, and of course Best Picture of the year. With all of these accolades being awarded tonight, I think it’s time that I consider what the best parts of my 2L year have been so far. The envelope please…

OscarsBest Course: Health Law Externship

While not a traditional course, the Health Law Externship Program at BU Law has proven to be very educational. There’s no cold calling or a final exam, but I have learned so much just from working at Boston Children’s Hospital this semester. From attending meetings with the Hospital’s Institutional Review Board to drafting all sorts of agreements, this has been the best experience I’ve had in law school. I would highly recommend that, whatever your area of interest, you look into an externship as soon as you can.

Best Professor: Abigail Moncrieff

Professor Moncrieff teaches Legislation at BU Law as well as courses related to Health Law, including the seminar I am taking called Health Care Reform and the Constitution. She teaches her seminar in a way that simulates working in a law firm, where we are the associates and she is the partner. Just as you would call partners at a firm by their first names, Professor Moncrieff likes us to call her Abby. She is friendly, professional, and supportive. We often read articles she has written before class in order to engage in a critical discussion with her on that week’s topic. Those discussions have proven to be very enlightening, mainly due to the way in which Abby facilitates them.

There are plenty of other categories that I could cover, but I believe it’s time for someone else to present an award. What’s the best course you’ve taken? Who is the best professor you’ve had? No doubt there are plenty of nominees, but everyone deserves some recognition now and then.

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