I know I’ve written a lot about my involvement in the Health Law Association, but this time I’m writing about passing the torch to a new president. We recently held elections for the new board and the last task of the year is to help the new board transition into our roles.

While standing there listening to the candidates give their brief speeches, I was struck by how quickly time has passed. It seems like just yesterday that my section-mates and I eagerly attended all of the student organizations elections and watched each other get elected to various boards – committing the next year of our lives to a legal specialty, an affinity group, or student government. Even before signing up for classes (or even finishing our 1L exams), our 2L years were taking shape and we were beginning to carve out our own spaces within the school.

Now that I’m approaching the end of 2L year and helping to guide a new board into their new roles, everything has come full circle. Taking on this leadership role has led to other opportunities and other leadership roles. I’ve be able to collaborate with the leaders of other groups and meet so many interesting people through HLA events – both those affiliated with Boston University and those who work in the health law field.

Now it’s time to help the new board transition. Like the previous president did for me, I’ll pass down information about everything from financial forms to event planning to publicity tips. Next year will be slightly more difficult for the new board; since the law school is moving into a new building, there will be limited space for student groups to host events. But just as the previous president was there to talk me through our first few events, I’ll be there for the new president.

When I was on the beginner side of the transition meeting last April, my 2L year stretched out for months ahead of me and Spring 2014 seemed very far away. Hard to believe it’s here. Now that I’m on the experienced side of the meeting, I’ll remember to tell the new board to enjoy every minute of the experience;  it goes by all too quickly.

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