I Ran (So Far Away)

3.1 miles to be exact!  Last weekend, BU Law hosted its annual 5K race.  The race is open to students, friends and alumni, and faculty.  It was very well attended this year, and the school did a great job running (pun intended) the race.  This was my first year running and was pleasantly surprised to turn in a time of 20:55.  I was just hoping to break 25 minutes (I haven’t been running recently — it’s been a cold winter, folks) and exceeded my own expectations.  All around, it was a run to feel good about.

I feel even better about the funds raised from the race, which go to BU Law’s Public Interest Project.  If you don’t know, PIP provides law students with grants so that they can do awesome non-profit and government work over the summers while still making rent and eating (both important things).  PIP at BU Law is very strong, and it’s great to help out your classmates who choose to do work in the public’s interest.  Helping classmates while exercising, what could be better!  And that brings me to the real focus of this blog post: exercise!

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the facilities at BU, and in the City of Boston generally.  FitRec, the BU gym, is a great place to relieve some of that law school stress and stay healthy.  We even have an indoor rock wall!  Additionally, since Boston is such a big running city, there is no shortage of 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon races to check out.  Another benefit of being in a big city is that there are a ton of gyms offering fitness classes — from CrossFit to spinning, and everything in between.  The FitRec also offers some classes that you can take for credit (don’t worry, no extra charge!).

In law school, it’s important to stay healthy.  Lawyers deal with a lot of stress, and we are often stuck at our desks all day, so make the most of your time away from the tower and remember raise your heart rate a bit.  BU makes it pretty easy!

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