April Fools

April Fools’ Day is all about pranks. Websites change, special offers are introduced, and big announcements are made. Many of these turn out not to be real, but some are so realistic that many people actually believe them. It all comes down to the power of persuasion.

When it comes to legal issues, there is almost always an argument that can be made for either side. It is our job as lawyers to persuade a judge or jury that the outcome we are arguing for is the right one. Persuasion is more about personality, though. In order to have a truly persuasive argument, you have to have something to back it up.

That’s where legal precedent comes in. Cases decided in the past can often decide the outcome of a case in the future. Depending on the court that decided the case, precedent can be simply persuasive or binding on another court. Find the right precedent and your argument becomes much stronger.

There’s no tricks involved. You may have to engage in some courtroom maneuvering, but in the end it is about researching and writing in the most persuasive way that you can. With enough support, almost anyone can be persuaded to your side.

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