Young Alumni Networking Event

When we talk about networking, I think we sometimes forget what we’re actually talking about. We aren’t (or aren’t *just*) amassing a rolodex of business cards and contacts in various parts of the country and sectors of industry: we’re forming connections with people. And some of those connections may end up being essentially superficial, email-check-in-every-few-months type relationships. There’s nothing wrong with that. But others are real friendships that happen to have a legal career-tinged flavor to them. You’ll text a former supervisor to see if they caught the latest episode of the show you’re both addicted to and also have they heard anything about that position that was maybe going to open up, you’ll grab lunch not just to review your resume but because you both love that one Thai place, etcetera. Networking contacts are people too!

This was reinforced when I attended a BUSL young alumni networking event last week. You hear the word ‘networking,’ you look at your calendar, and if you can possibly make it work, you go. Whether you have a job already lined up or not, whether you plan on practicing in this geographic area or not: if you’re serious about this whole being-an-attorney-in-the-legal-community thing (which is both a much bigger and yet simultaneously smaller pond than you would think), you should go.

Who are the young alumni though? Some graduated ten or more years ago and it’s not my business to say why they’re attending events with an adjective in the title that perhaps no longer applies to them quite so accurately, BUT others graduated last year. You know, when I was a 2L. So, Fall 2012-Spring 2014, we were classmates. So the dreaded ‘networking’ became more catching up with old friends, commiserating with the anxiety of those who haven’t gotten bar exam results back yet, reminiscing on the greatest moments from our Trial Advocacy class… and trading business cards, hearing a bit about what life as an actual first year associate is like, and introducing each other to yet more students-turned-alum. It turned out to be a thoroughly fun as well as successful evening.

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