Enjoying The Ride

The holidays are a time for travelling. The roads are crowded with people heading home to visit their families. Sometimes it can take more time than expected to reach your final destination, but when you finally do it feels great. Too often we’re so focused on getting wherever we’re going that we forget to actually enjoy the ride.

Law school is quite the journey itself. Three years of study to earn a Juris Doctor, followed by the bar exam. At times we think so much about becoming lawyers that we fail to truly appreciate our time in school. Just as you can make memories riding with someone in a car during the holidays, the time you have with other law students is limited and should be treasured.

The relationships we establish during law school may have a large impact on the rest of our lives. We may meet people that end up working with us or against us. We may also meet someone who can help us to accomplish our goals in the future. Either way, having a personal relationship with people allows us to have better interactions with them.

Do your best to treat every day in law school as an opportunity to form a new relationship or improve the ones you already have. You’ll likely see the people you are studying law with again when you begin practicing. Take the time you have now to make sure your time together later is the best it can be.

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