Boston in the Winter

The single worst part of being a student is the fact that winter, Christmas, and a whole bunch of other holidays directly coincide with the busiest part of the fall semester. Guys, I love Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. I am THAT person. Christmas starts on November 1st for me, and no, I do not care about Thanksgiving. I love binge watching those bad Christmas movies and I never get tired of Christmas music and my ideal holiday would be filled with snow and wrapping paper and warmth and delicious baked goods. Christmas was made for me.

And then… there’s what December is actually like. The finals. The outlines. The stress. The fact that my bank account balance, comprised entirely of my fall loan disbursement, only goes down and I have gifts to buy. The crushing realization that, if I wait until finals are over to celebrate Christmas, my holiday season will be anywhere from 3-7 days long.  Not so good, right?

I write about balance a lot, and it’s never more important than this time of the year. So I give up some things – like 8 hours of sleep and frequent gym time, sadly – in exchange for time to celebrate Christmas. Those bad TV movies? I watch 5 or 6 in one day, in my pajamas, on the couch, while outlining. (The plots are not complex. Trust me, it can be done.) I burn Christmas tree and peppermint candles constantly. And, most importantly, I make time to go out into the world and see the beautiful parts of December. I’m including photos below of some of my favorite things about Boston in the winter!


Sure, the sun sets at 4:30 in the winter and that’s depressing. But if you end up at Long Wharf around that time? Perfection.


The Christmas tree at Faneuil Hall is one of my favorite traditions! I go to the big ceremony where they light it every year. (Bonus points: our tree is even bigger than the Rockefeller Center one!)

Snow in the Public Garden, which is quite possibly my favorite place in Boston.

Snow in the Public Garden, which is quite possibly my favorite place in Boston.


Law school is really, really, really hard, and grades are really, really, really important. There’s no getting around that. I still look forward to a Christmas season where I don’t have finals and can fully embrace the season.  But, for now, making the time to enjoy it for even just a few hours keeps me sane and helps me get through the toughest part of the semester. I came to BU in large part because Boston is so beautiful. Might as well enjoy it when I can!

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