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Today was my first final exam as a 1L. I’ll write more on my thoughts on finals and my first semester as a law student in my next post but, as a way to decompress before I hit the books again tomorrow morning for my Contracts final next Monday, I want to express the gratitude I feel towards all my mentors this past semester.

Here at BU Law, 1L’s are offered a tremendous support system. It’s no surprise to anyone that 1L year is hard. Extremely hard. However, with such an overwhelming amount of stress and difficulty comes an overwhelming amount of support. Many of the affinity groups at BU provide mentors to 1L’s in order to better facilitate the transition to law school. At BU, I am a 1L rep for LALSA (Latin American Law Students Association) and a member of APALSA (Asian Pacific American Law Students Association). In LALSA, the 1L’s who opted into the mentorship program were all assigned a “family” consisting of several upperclassmen that would serve as mentors throughout the year. My LALSA “family” consisted of five people not including myself. Prior to the Thanksgiving “break” (not really a break since finals began in a week), all of the LALSA mentees were given care packages and holiday cards from their “family” members  in order to help them survive the following weeks.  In APALSA, we were all given one upperclassmen to serve as a mentor throughout the year. I know I speak for several of my friends when I say that having an upperclassmen to whom we can turn to when we feel stressed out or overwhelmed or unsure whether we are going clinically insane has provided a priceless avenue of support.  Aside from the mentors I have received from the affinity groups, 1L’s are able to opt into an alumni mentorship program as well as a faculty advisor program as well as a general upperclassmen mentorship program. When I was given my alumni mentor, I was thrilled to find out he was successfully working in the same field of law I am interested in. I was also excited to find out that my faculty advisor had similar interests to mine.

Throughout my first semester, my LALSA and APALSA mentors have taken me to lunch and offered invaluable advice on how to succeed as a law student. I am consistently reminded of how lucky I am to have such a strong and dedicated support system at BU. My alumni mentor met with me (extensively) via phone call (since he works in DC) and also gave me important advice with regard to my career goals. My alumni mentor even introduced me to one of his past mentees that was also pursuing similar goals to mine so that I could pick her brain for further advice. My faculty mentor took all of his advisees out for some great Thai food.

On a day-to-day basis, I am consistently greeted by upperclassmen that show a genuine interest in my success and well-being which makes coming to the law building every day less of a chore and more of something to which I look forward. I know I personally visited this blog as a 0L to get a sense of BU Law so I will definitely talk about my experiences as a first semester 1L once finals are over (December 19th!). However, after my first exam as a 1L, I wanted to express how proud and grateful I am to have joined a community that shows a sincere concern for the success and personal health of its students.

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