Sometimes, they just don’t get it…

You can’t escape law school. At some point in the semester, you’ll find you can’t stop yourself from talking about law school, thinking about law school, and dreading law school. With your law school friends, they completely empathize with you on the suffering and unhappiness of finals, case briefs, and outlines. With your non-law school friends (“NLS”)… Well, they just don’t get it.

While my NLS friends are willing to listen, they do not have the same capacity to tolerate hearing about it for as long as my law school friends. After a while, you find you will limit yourself to generic statements of displeasure or anxiety over finals or outlines or sharing the interesting tort injury case with your NLS friends. My closest friends will check in on me during the last two months and send words of encouragement on exam days, but I’ve learned to not expect them to truly understand.

I’m not advocating you cut your NLS friends out of your life or completely avoid talking to them. What I’m advocating is you should understand they will not fully comprehend the type of stress or anxiety you feel. When you talk to your NLS friends, minimize how much you talk about law school. You need to get away from law school, and it’s good, if not healthy, to not talk about it. It’ll be difficult at first to not want to talk about school, but you need to free yourself mentally and emotionally (even if it is only for an hour) from school. Let your NLS friends be a reprieve; instead of venting, ranting, or talking generally about anything law school, use them to escape for a while and talk about anything else. Sometimes, it’s in your best interest they don’t get it.

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