Blizzards… So Many Blizzards

I’m not sure I would say “survive a few blizzards” was ever really on my bucket list of things to do, but at least now I can appreciate what “cold” really means and why northerners are so tense. Growing up in sunny and warm Georgia weather definitely used to make me wonder why northerners are so gruff and tense, but now I am living through the worst Boston winter in years. I get it. The city’s record snowfalls in a short period of time has cleaned out grocery shelves and created angry commuters. Last Friday I walked two blocks from my dentist’s office to the MBTA train station, and it was so cold, my eyes hurt. Yes, my actual eyeballs hurt.

Today, Neptune is bearing down on us and the winds are so strong, the snow is horizontal. Luckily, I’m safe and warm inside my home, and even luckier, my apartment complex has a back up generator. Not so lucky are those hard working people plowing nonstop to keep the roads cleared and parking lots ready for the coming workdays. If any city could handle this type of snow, it’s Boston. My friends text and call with concerns about my safety and how I’m doing, but despite the concerns of where to put this much snow or how the city can even take cleaning up another blizzard, it’s amazing how the roads and sidewalks are cleared.

Now, don’t get up in arms because I’ll admit it’s not perfect. Trust me. I commute 45 minutes from my home to school everyday. The MBTA is in much need of updates and repairs and my normal 45-minute commute has become 75-90 minutes. In fact, one day, it was a whopping three hours to commute to school. As much as I am not happy about my commute these days, I will say, for what they’re working with, Boston is doing pretty well. With that said, please no more snow. Even though our winter was mild up until mid-January, these last few weeks is really dancing on everyone’s last nerve. Please, no more snow.

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