On Warmer Weather and Summer Employment

Boston recently had its first thaw day. The sun was out, the people were out, the sidewalks were flooded with melting snow. Everyone was generally excited to have some warm weather (and by warm, I mean low 30’s). Life couldn’t have been better and the fact that the MBTA restored the green line to regular service (and by regular service I many any service at all) was the icing on the cake. I love living in the Northeast. I love the tough, we-can-get-through-anything Northeast attitude and I love three out of the four seasons in the year. What I do not love is snow, the cold, snow, damaged public transportation, and snow. This winter has been particularly crippling for Boston. We’ve had a total of five snow days and now it feels as if we have as many make-up classes as regularly scheduled classes.

Despite my proud IMG_0278Northeastern feelings, I decided to explore a new option for my 1L summer employment. I decided to solely target the city of Miami because, among other reasons, winter is a non-issue there. So this summer, I’m excitedly headed to Miami to see if it’s a place in which I can reasonably see myself settling down. A friend in my section is from Miami and his father is a professional photographer so he graciously provided me with pictures to help me get through what’s left of this winter (as my awesome Con-Law Professor put it: “the end is not near”). I’ve added some of the pictures to this post in case anyone reading this would also like to stare at them and pretend that they don’t have to wear a jacket to go outside.

_DSC2740I recently accepted an offer where I’ll get to do a lot of fieldwork interacting with underserved communities. The BU Law CDO (Career Development Office) was instrumental throughout the search process in helping me secure interviews and offers. In preparing to send out multiple cover letters and resumes, I repeatedly asked the CDO to review anything I would send out, including drafts of thank-you emails. Prior to one of my interviews, I also scheduled a mock interview with the CDO. I was oddly nervous for my mock interview but I received fantastic feedback and very useful constructive criticism afterwards. In my personal experience, the CDO is very willing to put in extra effort to answer any questions so I would definitely recommend their resources to other students.

My alumni mentor gave me great advice this fall that I should explore something this summer that I may never get to do again. So I’m giving up the long Northeast summer days and heading to Miami during its rainiest and most humid season. However, if I feel at home in Miami during its least favoraIMG_0275ble time of year (as has been pointed out to me several times by my Miami-native friends), I’m sure I’d be more than content year-round…and if Miami doesn’t work out, I know that I would be perfectly satisfied and proud remaining a part of the Northeast culture in which I’ve grown up.

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