A Week in the Life

As a former English Major, I am quite familiar with writers block. I’ve been struggling to think about what to blog next so I decided to look at a list of optional prompts graciously offered by the Communications Office and saw “a week in the life.” So for any readers who would like to see what a week in the life of a 1L is like, here is a week in my life as a 1L.

Last week we had the first draft of our Moot Court brief due for our legal writing class. I’ll probably blog about the moot court component of our legal writing seminar but I’m still feeling traumatized from the stress of last week to blog about it now. The point is, I’m looking forward to this upcoming week because our briefs are out of our hands for a few weeks and this is the last week of classes before spring break. This seems like a good week to share so I’ve chosen to link my schedule for the coming days below.

In preparing to come to law school, I read that as a 1L whenever you’re not in class you’re reading and whenever you’re not reading you’re in class. I think that’s pretty much the golden standard and my calendar below accurately describes it. Generally, I’m either in class or preparing for class. Throw in some student group meetings, some time at the gym, and a couple hours socializing with my fellow classmates on the weekends and you have my current life. Of course this is my calendar and it certainly varies from person to person. I generally can’t focus at school unless I’ve worked-out for the day so I tend to wake up on the earlier side as well as go to bed earlier than a lot of my friends because I function better in the morning. Nutrition’s also a big part of my life so I always set aside a large chunk of time on the weekend to prepare all my meals for the week. I also have to plan everything I do in advance because if it’s not on my calendar then it’s not going to happen. All in all, 1L year is certainly filled with reading and reading and more reading. However, there’s definitely still time to be yourself and do the things that you enjoy.

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