Spring Forward

Though it may not feel like it outside, spring has finally arrived. As each new season begins the one before it begins to disappear. Our lives change just as the seasons do. We can look back on past seasons with fond memories, yet we often still find ourselves looking forward to the possibilities that the next season holds for us.

I know that this is the season that I will graduate in. I already find myself tying up all of the loose ends I need to before I can graduate. I’ve filled out a form for my Health Law Concentration, which I am happy to have completed during my time at BU Law. I’ve also ordered my cap and gown, which I am excited to pick up a few weeks from now.

Graduation once seemed so far away. Now it seems so close. As I see admitted students tour the law school for the first time, I look back on my years here fondly. I know those students will have as great of an experience as I had, if not better.

This summer will be filled with studying for and taking the bar. I am looking forward to spending it in Boston and to the seasons ahead. Another season, another chance to change our lives for the better.

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