Married Life: Law School Edition

I initially thought there wouldn’t be many married people in law school, but there are quite a few who were already married before married or were hitched during law school. It’s nice to meet people who understand what it’s like to be married and balance law school. Just the other day, a friend asked me for advice about quality time in graduate school because she wanted to spend lots of time with family once she moved back home to attend school. I told her that she may be able to carve out a handful of occasions to see her family, but she would barely see her fiancé, with whom she lives, let alone her family.

Being married in law school is not necessarily tougher than being single. It depends on the type of marriage you have and how well you communicate with one another. My husband works long hours and I’m at school for many hours, so by the time we are both home, I have enough time to heat up dinner (if I was able to plan out dinner for the week) or throw something together before we each eat separately. I usually take dinner to my desk to keep working and studying. The most time we actually spend together is right before bed where we talk about our days and share our crazy stories or vent. It isn’t ideal for us, but we make the best of it. While it isn’t necessarily tougher being married, it is still tough.

Much like law school, marriage or any serious relationship requires balancing priorities and communication. This year, I’ve tried to attend more school events, such as the Halloween Party and Law Prom, while also planning more date nights with my husband. This means I am stricter, if that is even possible, with my time at school and studying. Whatever type of relationship you have, law school is a huge undertaking and it will be difficult on your relationship. Don’t forget to nurture your relationship as you go on this adventure together through law school.

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