Run Sarah, Run!

This week, the school has been abuzz with talk of last Saturday’s annual “Ambulance Chase” – BU Law’s annual 5K, where professors, students, staff, and alums engage in a grand race down the Charles River. The Ambulance Chase is the great leveler, a perpetual source of friendly ribbing among professors and students. When it all comes down to it, your professors seem far less intimidating when they’re shivering at the starting line in jogging pants and sneakers just like you.

While I missed the festivities this year because I was in snowy Salem taking the MPRE (the dreaded legal ethics exam all law students must take in order to become licensed to practice law), the event made me stop and think about how running has been an integral part of my journey towards becoming a lawyer.

In past posts, I have mentioned that the BU law campus is about a two-minute walk from the glorious Charles River. What I probably haven’t quite conveyed is just how much I love running there. There’s no feeling quite like grappling for hours with a seemingly impossible topic within the law, then leaving your books in the library to jog along the Esplanade. The graceful swoosh of crew boats passing by and the sailboats fluttering along has a strange way of helping all those discombobulated ideas suddenly fall into place and make perfect sense.

Boston is a city made for runners. The city actually plows some of the running trails around the city. Like the USPS, people take great pride in running through all weather conditions. Runners and non-runners alike rally together for the Boston marathon – Marathon Monday is actually a holiday in the city! And when the sun is shining, the river is packed with serious athletes, grandmas in swishy jogging suits, moms with strollers, professors, high school teams, and everybody in between, all out to stretch their legs and breathe in the fresh air.

It’s important to have that “something” in law school to refocus your mind, calm your stress, and remind your heart exactly why you came to law school. For me, when the sun is shining and the ice is melting, that thing is running. I rehearsed my moot court speech, practiced things I might want to say during interviews, and thought through every presentation I’ve given in law school while running down the river.

The moral of this story is not – contrary to how this may sound – to advocate running. It kills your knees and does weird things to your feet. Rather, the moral of the story is to keep doing what you love while you’re in school. If you let go of cooking or playing the tuba or whatever it is that makes you tick, it’s easy for the stress that inevitably comes from the day-to-day to make you forget why you quit your job or uprooted your life or whatever else it is you did to get to law school. For me, running is the thing that helps me sort the clutter of life from the things that I should be appreciating. It gets me out of my world and thrusts me into something different and beautiful. It clears my mind. That spring is finally here makes it all the better! Lace up your shoes, BU – there are more Ambulance Chases to come!

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