Finals… Round 4….

As I sat in the reading room/library for my fourth round of final exams, I took a moment to rest my eyes and looked around the room. I saw intense eyes fixated on glowing computer screens, I heard the occasional crunching of someone refueling with a fast snack, and I heard the occasional page turn. Sometimes, if I listened hard enough, I could hear a highlighter running over a page. It is one intense atmosphere once finals start.

Sometimes, the atmosphere still gets to me. What I mean is that it stresses me out because everyone’s anxiety, stress, and intensity is trapped in one room, so inevitably you can feel it weighing on you. A third year joked with me that I must be voted most likely to be found in the library, but I realized, I am in the library quite a bit! This semester was especially crazy because snowpocalypse messed up everyone’s schedule. February was pretty much a wash, so the semester condensed down to 2 ½ months and BAM! Finals. Whoa. That was fast.

My friends and I decided that we had to take a day away from the library and study at home. I didn’t realized how much I enjoyed studying at home until I wasn’t in the library. I could breathe. I appreciated studying in the library because the distractions are more limited, and I’m forced to focus, but the intensity can be overwhelming. I also appreciate studying at home because I can be relaxed and play soft music in my own space. Both have pros and cons, but I think it’s important to figure out a balance because you do need a break from the building, other law students, and just the reminder of finals. There is life outside law school even during finals, and a reminder of that can go a long way.

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