Have Yourself a ‘Spoopy,’ Responsible Little Halloween

I love Halloween. Since I was a few months old and my parents and I wore matching, homemade bunny costumes, I’ve favored going all out for the big day. That means candy, friends, parties, black fingernail polish for the week before, and awesome costumes.

1L Halloween: Ding-dong, the witch is ... studying a lot.

1L Halloween: Ding-dong, the witch is … studying a lot.

I have never worn a costume from a bag, and to my memory, in order, I’ve been a: pink bunny, mouse, Big Bird, Batgirl, ‘good witch,’ Minnie Mouse, angel, Tinkerbell, bride of Frankenstein(‘s monster) a couple of times, hippie, tree, medieval person, Beanie Baby, cowgirl, ’50s housewife,  punk, goth, and a fairy. When all else fails, my Halloween motto goes, dress as a witch. And so I have — probably a dozen times, with a ton of different accessories. In the month leading up to Halloween, my mom would pull out giant boxes loaded with Halloween costumes past — all the way back to the ’60s — and we would play dress-up, reminisce, and dream about what we were going to be this year.

This year is different. I didn’t go to a single Halloween party. I didn’t carve or paint a pumpkin. I didn’t buy any candy. BU Law’s Student Government Association hosts a big party every year, but I had to work in the morning, and giant, loud parties just aren’t my jam anyway, so I passed.

The inspiration for the “spoopy” meme. (Source: Daily Dot)

What am I doing on Halloween? I am working on this blog at the moment, but I spent much of the day running errands and catching up on my studies. Tonight, I am going to cook a tasty dinner, crack open a bottle of lambrusco, and make some kettle corn, and watch a “spoopy” movie with my sweetie. (I learned this week that spoopy is the new word referring to a mashup of spooky and funny. I’m not sure I like it.) He’s tasked me with checking out a list of the best horror-comedies on Netflix and picking one or two.

So, is it a happy Halloween? You bet. I’m really enjoying my classes this semester, and writing a bunch of weekly journals for them is a good routine to keep me on task and pace out my workload through the semester. And I still am wearing my skull-and-crossbones earrings, so I can’t help but be merry. At last, I love being a busy law student!

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