A is for Adjustment

When I decided on attending BU, I really didn’t think about anything other than all the new and exciting things I would experience moving to Boston. Having spent 22 years in the 100% humidity and 95˙ weather that is South Florida, I have always dreamed of what seasons felt like. I couldn’t think of anything better than switching in palm trees for leaves that actually change color—or even the experience of different seasons in general. Other things I look forward to include, but are not limited to: living life in a city!, public transportation without having to rely on a car!, city nightlife!, events that only happen in a big city!, activities people do in the north!, jackets and scarves and winter stuff!, and Patriot Territory! (really not a Dolphins fan, don’t ask how/why I’m a Pats fan).

Now, as time slowly crawls towards winter and the thermometer races towards zero, people constantly ask me if I’m still excited for all the things I couldn’t wait to experience when I moved here in August (when it was still 90˙ keep in mind). The answer is still yes, especially as I wrap myself in my trendy scarf and comfortable leggings are a staple piece to every outfit. Yet, I’ve realized that with every new adventure comes things you’ve missed about the old one. For example, I already miss that car I was so happy to leave behind as I try to fit 10 bags of groceries into two bags I can lug to the T (Boston’s train aka the strongest love/hate relationship in my life).

There are tons of other little things I miss about the good old Sunshine State. The feeling of 100% humidity and frizzy hair (there’s no excuse for me to not do my hair anymore…), adequate air conditioning in every indoor area, and Publix!!! However, the biggest adjustment is definitely not being able to have friends and family only a short drive away. I have never, in my 22 years of living, lived more than four miles away from a family member nor gone any more than a couple weeks without seeing my friends. In my excitement of moving to Boston and being able to experience new things in my life, I forgot I would be leaving a big part of my life behind.

Every new thing I get to do in Boston still excites me. From seeing how many layers of clothing I can wear at one time to even watching the leaves fall and swirl around when there’s a big gust of wind, everything is still a new adventure. Although I miss my friends and family, they’re only a phone call, text, or Facetime away—waiting to hear about that exciting new thing I experienced today. But the most exciting thing these days? Well, that’s being able to go back home very soon and be with all the things and people I miss most.


Harriet posted on November 29, 2015 at 10:19 am

While Alissa is venturing new experiences, I miss having her down in hot Florida. I am so proud of all her accomplishments in her 22 years, and can’t wait to share some of them with her.

Alissa Valdes posted on November 29, 2015 at 10:48 am

Miss you too Mom, can’t wait to be home!

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