In retrospect

When I first came to Boston I was excited, but a little wary. I was moving to a new city, I would be leaving most of my friends, and I would be starting law school. Before law school began, I read books about adjusting to law school (Ivy Briefs: True Tales of a Neurotic Law Student– hilarious book!), I read blogs, I read through comments in forums, and I asked every attorney I knew for their words of wisdom. After all of this, I went through orientation and asked all the upperclassmen the exact same thing. Despite all the information I had compiled, there was nothing that could really prepare me for this experience.

It was a rocky start. When the stress level is high many people (including myself) forget to take care of themselves. During my first few weeks of school, I drank too much coffee, ate too little, and eventually caught a cold. After a rocky three weeks, I finally had a great schedule, I had a handle on my readings, and I was looking forward to seeing two of my best friends who travelled to Boston to come and visit me. Things were looking up. Then, just when I was used to the work load, it was time to start outlining for finals, and applying to summer internships.

As finals approach, it is good to remember how far I have come. I remember being worried about whether I would make new friends. I was worried that I would lose touch with my old friends, and I was absolutely terrified of being cold-called. Now, I am very happy to say I have friends in Boston, I have managed to maintain my relationships with my old friends, and although I am still not excited about being cold-called I have stumbled my way through all of them.

It is scary how quickly time has sped by this semester. In approximately 20 days I will be on a plane heading to California for the holidays. In 20 days I will be 1/6th of the way finished with my J.D. Although the next 20 days will definitely be difficult, I think all the 1Ls should take a quick moment to celebrate. We are completing our last week of classes for the semester, and we have all definitely come a long way.

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