It’s Raining Men(tors)

Hallelujah, it’s raining mentors.

As I continue navigating through my first year in law school, I am continually reminded of just how different it is from my past experiences. Having to contend with what feels like mountains of reading, hunting for summer positions, and writing briefs and memorandums is maybe a little on the exhausting side. Add in extra-curriculars like the client counseling competition, and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, and you have what amounts to a pretty full plate for someone who was used to sleeping roughly 10 hours a night in undergrad.

I will say, though, that BU has been pretty great about giving me some resources to help me wade through it all. There are plenty of offices and programs that provide support, which have excellent staff and benefits, but the impetus for this post has been the commitment to mentoring that BU so clearly values. Coming in to law school, I was moving to a new city with no connections. Now, I have 4 student mentors, 2 attorney mentors, and 1 faculty mentor specifically assigned to deal with my incessant questioning. I have to say, I am usually someone who is pretty skeptical about taking on school provided mentors, as in the past I have found that usually taking some initiative on my own got me farther with my endeavors. However, as a first generation college student with no experience to draw from in my family, I decided to put aside my skepticism and give it a shot. Now, looking back, I am unbelievably happy that I did. As I continue to face challenges and questions that I’ve never been confronted with before, I find myself relying on my mentors more and more. Questions about jobs, questions about grades, questions about where a fun date night spot in the city is: my mentors have been more than happy to help with it all. And having so many mentors to go to means that I have more opportunities to ask someone who knows exactly the right answer, or get multiple perspectives on the same issues. Each has their own experiences, goals, and advice, and having that all at my disposal gives me just enough support to make it through my 1L year without wanting to rip my hair out.

My mentors have been an invaluable resource for me in law school. Especially now that the job search has folded itself into the daily mix of things, I appreciate their guidance as I try to figure out what it is I even want to be doing with my career. I plan on becoming a mentor myself next year, in the hopes that I can provide even just a little of the support to new students that my mentors have given me. Not to say that I won’t still be relying on my mentors, too!

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