LALSA/BLSA Firm Visit Series

As second semester heats up, so does another semester of programming for the Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA). As one of LALSA’s Co-Presidents, I have been busily preparing our firm visit series which LALSA coordinates alongside the Black Law Students Association (BLSA). As a 1L, I benefitted greatly from LALSA’s Firm Visit Series and I am very grateful to be able to facilitate the same opportunity for this year’s 1Ls.

12065476_831914986925654_6473470886256031479_nDuring the fall semester, LALSA organized several on campus events which were wildly successful. Events included a Public Interest Conference & Networking Reception, a Judicial Experience Panel with Judge Juan Torruella from the First Circuit Court of Appeals and Judge Guzman from the District Court and many other events. This semester, LALSA narrows its focus to preparing members for the looming big-law recruiting season.

10356773_840692129381273_4630451604574516938_nThroughout the spring semester, LALSA & BLSA visit all the major firms in Boston. Generally, each firm visit consists of an overview of the firm, a one-on-one mock interview/resume review with an attorney, and a reception with the recruiting department and other attorneys at the firm. The firm visits provide an invaluable platform for students of underrepresented backgrounds to familiarize themselves with firm culture. The visits are also a great opportunity for students to get a better sense of the differences between the major firms in Boston. As the first attorney in my family, I was very grateful as a 1L to have the opportunity to visit firms in Boston through LALSA and familiarize myself with a completely foreign world of big-law culture. Thanks to the LALSA/BLSA Firm Visit Series, I expanded my network of attorneys substantially as a 1L and made many meaningful connections which allowed me to feel very comfortable throughout the fall recruiting season as a 2L. BU Law has a proud tradition of minority inclusion and I think the LALSA/BLSA Firm Visit Series is one of many ways in which BU Law offers support for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

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