Interviews are one of the most nerve-wracking parts of law school.  It is important to have a thick skin because, chances are, you are going to get passed up by many employers before you find the right job.  Today, I had my first interview for a post-grad job and it was probably the best interview I have had yet.

If an employer is calling you in for an interview, they already think you are qualified and are just looking to see if you will fit in with their team/office.  Today was one of the first times I kept this in mind and let myself relax.  The interview lasted two hours, which is the longest interview I have ever had, but at no point did it feel like an interview.  We briefly talked about my qualifications and law school experiences, and then he spoke about many of his “war stories” about the cases he has worked on.  We also talked about college football and basketball, other sports, and Title IX.  It was a really well-rounded conversation and I can really see myself working with him at his firm.  Fingers crossed!

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