A Tale of Marathon and Spring

I always joke that April is my least favorite month of the year, followed closely by December. I say “joke” because I don’t think I’m actually serious; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either of those months, objectively, and Christmas is my favorite thing in the entire world. However, for the past eight or nine years of my life, April and December have meant FINALS and all of the stress and lack of sleep and inappropriate eating habits that come with that. I especially haven’t had a ton of fun the past few Aprils, since starting law school, because finals are so much more important as a law student.

But, a funny thing is happening this April; I have… free time, or something closely resembling it? I did what many 3Ls do and took a fairly light course load for my final semester, meaning I only have one final and a few final papers standing between me and graduation. Although it’s still a lot of work, I definitely have plenty of time to accomplish it all without too much stress. All of this means: I’ve been enjoying spring in Boston for maybe the first time!  The weather has been amazing, and just finding the time to get out of the house to walk around or go grocery shopping is honestly relaxing.

Today, for example, was Patriots’ Day (a state holiday in Massachusetts), which is when about 25,000 runners and thousands more spectators descend upon the city for the Boston Marathon. I’ve never had the time to go witness the festivities before, but I knew a few people who were running, so my friends and I headed down to the area around the finish line at 8 am.  We drank a lot of Sam Adams 26.2 Marathon beer at a bar, and then saw the first few runners finish the race before calling it a day. It was so much fun being right in the middle of the action on a gorgeous day (instead of outlining in my pajamas, as I usually do on Marathon Monday)!

The Patriots’ Day holiday means that we had a 3-day weekend, and a 4-day weekend for those like me who don’t have Friday classes. In addition to the marathon, I made the most of the free time by doing some homework (and yes, outlining), and seeing THREE movies in theaters (arguably did a bit of overkill on that one). I also have tickets to a Red Sox game next week with seven of my friends, after I finish my only final, and I’m really excited about that!

I don’t really know what the deeper message of this post in, because I definitely remember this time last year, when I was way too busy to be doing any of these things.  No amount of work-life balance would have made me this zen a year ago, and I know that being this close to the (figurative) finish line is a big part of the reason I’m so relaxed.  I guess what I’m saying is: although law school requires a LOT of sacrifices over the course of three years, I am just so grateful that NOW, during the last few weeks of my academic career, I finally have the time to enjoy this beautiful city with my friends. There’s light at the end of the tunnel after all!

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