Welcome to Boston, Class of 2019!

To all those who are reading this that are new to the city of Boston, welcome! We are entering a fantastic time of year and hopefully everyone is able to take a break from their reading and case briefs to enjoy it. While some may think that I am referencing the great fall weather, pumpkin spiced coffee and football season, I’m not. I’m talking about the fact that playoff baseball has finally returned to Boston for the first time since 2013. Starting late next week, the Boston Red Sox will play host to two home playoff games at nearby Fenway Park. (Playoff schedule TBD)

Playoff baseball brings a different environment to Boston – I know this from experience. In September 2007, I moved into my freshman dorm at nearby Northeastern University. 2007 also happened to be the year that the Red Sox won their second World Series title in four years. The energy and excitement of the city during this time made me fall in love with it – and as they say, the rest is history because I’ve never left. I had the opportunity to celebrate this World Series as a college freshman and it was truly a life changing moment for me.

There aren’t many cities in the country that has such a passionate fan base. While some students who come from bigger cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles may think that Boston is “too small,” that is part of its charm. That charm and appeal is shown in no better way than the city’s love for its sports teams. When broadcasters and journalists comment that playoff baseball “has taken over the city of Boston,” they’re right. And all of the new students to this great city are about to witness it.

So while law school may seem overwhelming at times and you may feel like there’s too much to do, take some time to enjoy the environment that playoff baseball brings to your new city. Go walk around Fenway before the game and grab a drink at a nearby bar. Now is the time to do it because the playoffs aren’t here every year. Plus you don’t even have to start outlining or studying for finals yet!

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