The Ghost of Finals Past

Well, the time has finally come. I stepped off of the plane last night back into Boston, and with the blast of cold air comes the inevitable blast of finals stress. Despite my best efforts to forget that I am, in fact, a law student over the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s now time for me to attempt to focus and pass at least one of ace my classes. With finals always comes a certain amount of dread and anticipation, and this semester is no different. My coping methods change from semester to semester, and this time around it looks like reflection is the name of the game.

One thing that I have going for me this year is that I have one year of law school exams under my belt already. You’d be amazed at what not being a 1L can do for your nerves. Thinking back at around third time last year, I just remember being totally stressed out about what I had gotten myself into. I felt like a confused baby trying to crawl around a dark room. Most of that stress came out of uncertainty. I had never taken a law school exam before, and I didn’t know what to expect. In retrospect, I don’t really think that being that stressed out was beneficial to my studying. Having survived and now standing on the other side, I can pretty confidently say that the stress, while to a certain extent unavoidable, wasn’t really warranted to the level that most of my peers and I had.

Now, don’t get me wrong here- life as a 2L isn’t just a complete walk in the park. It’s been a crazy busy semester, and Spring doesn’t seem like it’s going to be any lighter. I will say, though, that no matter how much work gets piled on, everything really does seem much more manageable than it did last year. Even the second round of 1L finals seems more ominous than this year. Maybe it’s because I got to choose my courses, or maybe it’s because I’ve done it enough times that it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary anymore, but I definitely feel better going into these last few weeks.

I’m not just saying all of this to brag, either. It may not be much comfort to a 1L going through it now, but do know that it will get easier, and if you find yourself hyper stressed out, it’s okay to stop and take a moment to breathe. Reach out to your mentors and friends for help if you need it, and don’t be afraid to schedule in some time to decompress as you need it. The good news is that you are equipped to handle these exams, and you have a lot to look forward to once you finish up. As the reading period begins, remember, BU has resources for you to succeed, and you have a nice long break to look forward to before it all picks back up again. Stay calm, and know that this set of exams is the darkest patch of the law school storm.

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