Being a BU Student (Not Just a Law Student)

As an undergraduate the campus of my small liberal arts school was 384 fenced in acres of green grass dotted with brick buildings. Almost everybody lived on campus, my farthest walk to class was 12 minutes, and social life was more or less contained within the upperclassmen dorms or friends’ rooms. Though Boston University is a mere 30 minutes from my undergraduate school, the two campuses could not be more opposite.

As a law student here, I’m struck by how different of an experience I’m having at BU than I did during the past four years at Stonehill. I often think about what it’s like to be an undergraduate at BU, and these thoughts were accelerated when I ran into so many of them at the BU hockey game this past Friday. Sometimes I feel very removed from general BU- I walk Comm Ave with faces that could be students, could not be. I pass by the undergraduate hub that is the GSU, only occasionally popping in to grab a drink from the convenience store. Then I retreat to my ivory (ha, concrete!) law tower, and forget all about the rest of BU (unless it’s to glare at obvious undergrads clogging our sacred printers).

Recently, I’ve tried to immerse myself more in BU’s general culture. Attending the hockey game was a great first step. I love hockey and my boyfriend has played his whole life, so I got us tickets to this past Friday’s game as a birthday present to him. I’ve been to other Division I college hockey games before, but the pride I felt this time was new. The faces that filled the other sections were not just students- they were alumni, kids from the area, even people from Boston who just loved to cheer for BU. People were cheering for BU—my school—simply because they felt drawn to supporting Boston’s best university. BU’s reach doesn’t stop after the last student or professor; it extends outwardly to the community as a whole.

Experiencing this swelled a bit of pride within me, as I proudly wore my BU Law hat around the arena. Cheering on the Terriers means more to me now. In the past, I went to local Division I hockey games and felt neutral; I didn’t feel more of an attachment toward the local school than I did to any of the other Boston-based schools. Now, I’m at a Division I hockey game and I’m talking statistics about BU being ranked number one in the recent NCAA poll because I’m invested- I’m invested in the school and I’m cheering for them as if they’re my own. Because, at the end of the day, BU is my own, and I’m a student here just like the undergraduates, just like the Questrom grad students, just like the med students. I’m a student- a lucky insider, who gets to call this place home for three years and a foundation for many more.

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