Rely on Good Sources

Something I’ve learned in my writing class is the importance of relying on good sources, in many instances case law that has had a positive progeny, in order to have a successful paper. Recently, however, I’ve found myself heavily relying on a different type of good sources: sources of stability that provide me with the foundation necessary to succeed not only in law school but as a person. The three biggest sources of stability for me this year have been my family, my classmates, and- believe it or not- strangers.

My family and, more broadly, my boyfriend and friends have been immense sources of support this year. Life threw me quite a few non-law-school-related curveballs since September that haven’t been easy to hit. My parents have done everything in their power to help me with these curveballs, making frequent hour-long trips and back just to see me for a few hours. My boyfriend has been a daily source of calm and my number one fan. My friends from home and undergrad haven’t been upset about all the plans I’ve bailed on because of school (sorry, guys, I wish I could have gone) and they’ve consistently believed that I would be able to get it all done. I know that I am incredibly lucky to have this support system, and it’s made me appreciate them even more than I ever thought possible.

My classmates have also provided a source of support daily. From my amazing 2L mentors Katie and Dalia to my “row-mates” I sit next to in class, I’ve found constant support for a variety of things, big and small. My 2L mentors have dutifully hunted down outlines for professors I have but they did not. My “row-mates” have answered questions about parts of the lecture that I couldn’t catch and sent me notes for classes I’ve missed. My locker buddies have been friendly faces to start and end each day on a positive note (or to commiserate over moot court briefs, which is equally important to mental well-being). My friends have provided comic relief at lunch and during Chipotle-parties and pre-games. I think this source of stability speaks volumes about the BU Law community as a whole.

Strangers have also been a surprising source of stability this year. I know this sounds odd, but hear me out. Law school is tough, and it’s entirely consuming. It’s so hard to remember, during day-to-day motions, that there’s a whole other world outside the 18-story-ivory-law-tower, and that, (shockingly), you’re still a part of it. This is where strangers have played an integral role for me. Little daily interactions have reminded me, in the best way, that there’s so much more than law school. And it’s truly been the little things that have provided stability for me. For example, nothing lifts my spirits more than seeing a dog on Comm Ave during my walk to school. Sure-fire way to make me smile. Moreover, I’m a pretty sappy person, so reading little stories on the “Love What Matters” Facebook group always bring me back down to earth and put troubles into perspective.

Good sources of stability throughout 1L and beyond will certainly vary with each person. I didn’t head into law school knowing I would rely so heavily on the sources that I did or even expect some sources to be so important. As 1L year begins to enter the home stretch and I’ve reflected on these sources, I know one thing is absolutely positive: I’m incredibly grateful for each and every one of them.

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