A Week in the Life: Part Two

When I was a 1L, I wrote about a week in my life as a 1L. Two years later, my life as a 3L has become very different. Notably, I have much more free time now, despite taking five classes. The overwhelming stress of 1L and 2L has largely disappeared, although the white hairs have unfortunately remained. 1L year was nice in the sense that all I had to worry about was grades and classes. Further, BU Law is an incredibly supportive environment which made coming to the law tower seven days a week less of a chore and more of something to which I looked forward. 2L year was incredibly busy between classes, moot court, clinic, and being a Co-President of LALSA. Despite what many people expect, I actually enjoyed my 1L year the best—largely because of the comradery, professors, and mentorship.

3L year has been nothing like the past two years. I spent every single day with the same seventy people in my section 1L year. This year, I’m lucky if I catch a few of my friends at the law school to catch up. Many 3L’s are more removed from the school and getting ready to begin their careers. Personally, I am only at the law tower for a few hours each week as I essentially have five days off from school. The rest of the week I spend working at the firm where I summered last summer. Thus, my life has become much more work-related and less about school. The great part is that I have so much extra time 3L year that I can continue to work and gain experience (and get a weekly paycheck). Below I have attached a screen shot of my iCal for the coming week. The comparison is striking as I look back at the screen shot I posted of my 1L schedule.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 4.09.07 PM

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