Weekend Balance

It’s no secret that 1L year is tough stuff, and you’re going to have a lot less free time than your friends, even ones in traditional grad school programs. While it’s study, study, study most of the time, it isn’t all of the time (well, at least it isn’t unless you’re in the months of December or May!). I thought I’d do a post recapping what a typical, middle-of-the-semester weekend is like for me and show how I try to balance work, life, friends, and family.

Early / Mid Semester Weekend

Thursday Night:

Thursday nights are great for me during both semesters because my section didn’t have classes on Fridays; when we got out of class at 3:45 we were done for the weekend. I would usually take Thursday nights to relax, and either go to bar review or catch up on Netflix.


Though we didn’t have classes on Friday, that meant our beginning of the week was really overloaded, especially second semester. I usually spent Fridays at the law tower doing homework. Keeping it as a “10-4” work schedule allowed me to keep some kind of consistency throughout the week. Friday would be used to get ahead on all my homework for next week. Additionally, Friday was an ideal chunk of time to schedule any appointments, interviews, or group meetings.


Saturdays in the beginning and middle of the semester were usually “take it easy” days. I slept in, ate a late breakfast, and used the rest of the day to do social things. Either my family or my boyfriend’s family would come to visit, or I’d go out with friends. If there was nothing planned I’d use the time to write blog posts or sometimes get some work done. Saturday is the day where I would be productive if I needed to be for a bit, but definitely a day I would usually spend taking it easy.


Sunday was when I’d finish up any homework I hadn’t gotten around to. While I did work on Sunday, it wasn’t for the whole day and definitely at a more leisurely pace. I would have Netflix on in the background, for example.

In the beginning and even middle of the semester it was also totally doable to take entire weekend trips. I’d just work harder on Friday and understand that the next week may be a little more crammed than usual.


Now that it’s almost the end of the semester, my routine has changed.

End of the Semester Weekend:


I still take Thursday nights off for the most part. When I know I’m working harder throughout the week and now the weekend, I allow Thursday night to be a buffer of just relaxation time.


I spend more time in the tower on Friday and work harder. I try to do as much homework as I can on Friday for the week ahead. I’ll call it quits around 4 and head home, and take a dinner break. After dinner I’ll do things like blog posts, clean up my email inbox, or little tasks that aren’t as mentally intensive like homework or outlining but try to remain productive so I don’t have to worry about taking care of those things at a different time.

Saturday & Sunday:

All day homework and outlining. I’ve made the shift in the past couple weeks to less homework and more outlining and reviewing. This big chunk of time is great for outlining in my opinion because it allows me to just go straight through and get as much done as possible with few interruptions. I don’t like doing things in pieces, so this is a good schedule for me.

Unfortunately my ability to do social things on the weekend has steadily declined throughout April and I won’t have much time at all from now until the end of May. What’s important is to still schedule some down time, like I do on Thursday nights and to some extent Friday nights. Without this down time mental health takes a huge hit, and that’s the last thing you want to do going into finals. Even if it’s just one episode on Netflix, it’s worth it and your brain will thank you!

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