Law School Learning Experiences from a 3L

With my law school career nearly in the rearview, I have recently been thinking a lot about life lessons I’ve learned over the past three years. I came into law school having worked for two law firms in the Boston area so my experience may be a little unique. However, I have a feeling many BU law students and law students in general will feel similarly in reflecting on their experiences. When compiling this list of things I’ve learned, I tried to focus less on what I learned substantively and more about what I learned about myself and the people around me.

I’ve learned how to work with others and communicate effectively. I’ve learned to accept a wide array of opinions and understanding while standing my own ground. I’ve learned how to be strong in my opinions when challenged. I’ve learned how to think through difficult situations on my own. I’ve learned exactly what stresses me out and why.

I’ve learned how to balance life, school and work. I’ve learned that having friends outside of law school can be one of the most valuable things. I’ve learned that sometimes it is necessary to plan out every hour of my week (for my own sanity). I’ve learned the difference between being busy and BEING BUSY. I’ve learned that there are enough hours in the day even when you don’t think there are. I’ve learned how it feels to miss a Patriots game on a Sunday (I hadn’t missed a game in four years before November and December of my 1L year). I’ve learned the BU Pub is a great place to decompress after a long week.

I’ve learned that I am most productive in the early mornings. I’ve learned I can no longer survive without coffee between Monday and Friday, and usually Saturday and Sunday. I’ve learned that I need at least six hours of sleep even when there isn’t enough time for it. I’ve learned that sometimes the most supportive people are the people you would least expect. I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to talk things out with others. I’ve learned that even when you least expect it, relying on others can be helpful. I’ve learned that in the end, it usually all works out.

As you can see, I’ve learned a lot about myself and others during my last three years at BU Law. Most of all, I’ve learned what a valuable tool and experience a legal education can be. I look forward to learning a lot more in my future endeavors but for the time being, I look back on what I’ve learned with fondness and appreciation for my time at BU Law.

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