The Conclusion of 1L

So I’m officially back in New York for the summer and today is a week since I submitted for the writing competition. I just finished my first week of work and finally had a moment to sit down and reflect on what this year meant to me, and what it taught me (both inside of and outside of the classroom).

I can say with complete honesty that I have never learned so much in eight months – not just academically, but also personally. Throughout undergrad (and with all of my schooling experiences), I have always taken my work seriously and completed what was asked of me, but nothing could have prepared me for the marathon that is 1L. Someone said it early on – “law school is a marathon, not a sprint” – and this adage could not be more true. For 1L in particular, the workload is relentless and there truly is no period of relief other than winter break and for some, a period before their summer job begins. For me personally, my summer job started the Monday after the writing competition was due, so I only had one day between traveling home and starting work to take a breather. I don’t say this to scare prospective law students, but to be honest. This is an academic experience like no other, and you have to be wise in terms of how you use your time.

That being said, I can also say with complete honesty that I have never grown more as a person in such a short amount of time. I was interviewed for a “Week in the Life” series for the BU Law Website last week and I said something along the lines of “I’m here for the emotional journey, too” because it’s true. I’m passionate about the academic learning that takes place in the classroom, but I also think that there’s life’s work to be done in these 3 years that expands far beyond that. This means learning how to put yourself out there – both in class and when it comes to networking. This also means learning how to deal with the disappointments and setbacks that will inevitably arise. More than that, it’s about discovering where exactly you seek to take your legal degree – which will likely evolve over time.

This year has been deeply challenging, but also deeply rewarding. I came out of it feeling capable of doing much more than I thought possible back in early September. This year was stressful for sure, and I have gratitude for what it taught me not only about the law, but about myself and about life.

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