2L: The Good Kind of Busy

Everyone- from other law students, to professors, to your friend who knows that her brother’s roommate’s sister-in-law went to law school- will tell you that 1L is that hardest year in law school. It’s true that 1L is the hardest, and knowing that is both terrifying and comforting at the same time. But while 1L is known as the hardest year, and 3LOL is a common phrase, nobody seems to talk about what 2L year is like all that often. So, what’s 2L year really like? It’s something I wondered to myself a lot in the past few months leading up to the school year, and I’m happy to report that 2L year is really, really busy but really, really good.

2L year is BUSY. Busier than 1L, I believe. But it’s a good kind of busy, because you’ve picked your classes, picked your extracurricular activities, and picked the clubs and organizations that mean the most to you. You’re busy with the things you genuinely like which makes it much more bearable. I’m busy with homework, but the homework is for classes like international law, admiralty law, and cybersecurity law. Reading 30+ pages per each assignment is never going to be a walk in the park, but it’s definitely easier when you’re intrigued and interested in the topic you’re reading about. I’m busy with clubs, but I’m busy being part of the e-board planning events for others to enjoy, and it’s nice to know that your event was helpful and successful. I’m busy with moot court, but this time it’s Admiralty Moot Court, and is infinitely fascinating and includes a trip to Seattle! And I’m busy with journal, which is kind of like Writing Class 2.0, but this time I get to read other interesting articles and then create a Note of my own on a topic I chose. Oh, and 2L is busy with social events too, which seems almost counter-intuitive to say: while 2L is busier than 1L, you have time to attend all the social events you missed out on last year or friends you didn’t see during 1L!

1L is spent being busy trying to crack the “law school code,” while 2L is being busy embracing all the opportunities that law school has to offer. I believe that part of this comes from being more confident as a 2L: confident in how you complete your homework, how you perform in class, and how you manage all the stressors of law school. And while I felt that 1L almost siphoned all my intellectual curiosity, I feel that 2L is replenishing it in droves. And it’s made all the difference in being happy with the level of crazy busy my days are each week.

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