Pumpkin, cinnamon, and Justice Ginsburg

Extra pumpkin; extra cinnamon. That’s the simple secret to my favorite pumpkin bread recipe. Last night I took a study break to heat up my kitchen with this festive recipe.

I grew up baking with my dad, and it has always been a way for me to de-stress (which has been very helpful in law school!)  The link to the recipe is below, for anyone looking for a study break or for a recipe for the holidays. I’ve also included my own special twist on the recipe.

What does baking have to do with SCOTUS? In 2011, the cookbook “Chef Supreme: Martin Ginsburg” was published. It was a posthumous compilation of recipes from Justice Ginsburg’s husband, Martin Ginsburg. Despite having a brilliant legal mind, notorious RBG apparently lacks culinary skill. Her husband, however, was a talented cook. Justice Ginsburg shared that “[m]y husband was a great tax lawyer, but we had more cookbooks than tax books at home. We had an entire section in the living room – three sets of shelves from floor to ceiling – with nothing but cookbooks.”*

Stocked with pumpkin bread, I can get back to the law books – replete with Ginsburg opinions. And now I have a new goal – cook with some of Martin Ginsburg’s recipes!

Pumpkin Bread recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/6820/downeast-maine-pumpkin-bread/

But here are my alterations to the recipe:

  1. Double the amount of pumpkin
  2. Add an extra 1/2 cup sugar
  3. Extra 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (or just add it to taste!)



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