Women’s Law Association 2017 Alumnae Panel


One of the student groups that I’ve been involved with since the beginning of my 1L year is the Women’s Law Association. I enjoyed the group’s events and their mission so much that I ran for, and won, a spot on their e-board for this year! What I really like about WLA is that we’re bound by something simple: the expansion and advancement of women in law. By this virtue, our group contains individuals practicing in or interested in all different fields of law.

One of my favorite WLA events happened just a few weeks ago: the WLA Alumnae Panel and Reception. This year’s event featured a panel stacked with powerful alumnae currently serving positions in such big law, public interest, and general counsel. Moderated by Dean Hornblower, the panelists were asked questions and imparted wisdom on topics such as challenges faced working as a woman in law, their career path and lessons learned, and advice they’d give to their younger, law-student selves. I really enjoy this event because it’s honest: panelists are honest when describing that yes, some sexism certainly still exists in the field of law; they’re honest when they say it can be more challenging to be a female in the world of law; they’re honest when they talk about their triumphs and passions, and honest in being hopeful and enthused about the next generation of women moving through BU Law.

The panel is something that WLA as a whole is very proud of because it serves an important link between students, alumnae, and a very important bond bringing everyone together. Special recognition and thank you to the panelists, Dean Hornblower, Mikayla Foster (’19) and Christina Luo (’19) for spearheading this event and ensuring its vast success!












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