The Best Legal Podcasts

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of Podcasts. I’ve been hooked ever since Serial became a sensation when I was still in undergrad. Since then, my taste in Podcasts has changed a bit. My favorite types of shows are definitely wellness and advice themed. Big shocker, I know! If you couldn’t tell from the vast majority of my blog posts for BU, I’m really into reflecting and learning – and needless to say I love listening to stories and advice from people experiencing a life in ways that are similar and completely different from mine.  But with the start of the New Year, I knew I wanted to refresh my Podcast round-up and include shows with more of a legal theme. Here are some I’ve stumbled upon so far that seem worth a listen:

  1. The Lawyerist Podcast – this Podcast airs weekly and is hosted by Sam Glover and Aaron Street. They have conversations with lawyers covering topics like legal technology, business models, ethics, and starting a law firm. 
  2. Thinking Like a Lawyer – this Podcast was created by the Above the Law blog and is hosted by Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice. Its topics range from coverage of Supreme Court cases to a documentary about the Hulk Hogan / Gawker case.
  3. This Week in Law – this Podcast is hosted by Denise Howell (who has a blog by the same name), J. Michael Keyes, Matt Curtis, and Emory Roane. This one is definitely right up my alley in terms of my legal interests, as it covers issues in technology law, including copyright and patents. 
  4. Your Weekly Constitutional – For those with strong interests in Con Law, this podcast focuses on just that: controversial constitutional issues. It features interviews with lawyers, as well as scholars and historians.
  5. Lawyer 2 Lawyer – this Podcast, hosted by attorneys J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi, was launched in 2005 and is one of the longest-running legal podcasts. This award-winning show features discussions about timely controversial topics and examines their legal implications (i.e. the Equifax Data Breach; DACA and DREAMers).

I’m excited to start diving into these Podcasts, and I hope they sound as interesting to you as they do to me!

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