Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

Spring Break in Boston! This year, I ended up going for the staycation—partially by choice, partially by virtue of back-to-back nor’easters hitting the east coast. While the stormy weather hasn’t made it feel exactly like spring break, sticking around town has its benefits in recharging for the final push before graduation. There is, after all, plenty to do and prepare for—outlines for final papers are due, jobs need to be applied to, taxes ought to be filed, movies should be watched. Not worrying about travel plans has been a reprieve for both the wallet and the mind, and I have enjoyed relaxing in Boston for the week off.

There have only been two other towns in my life that I’ve lived in for longer than three years, so I have the tendency to get a little antsy around this time when I feel like I am running out of new places to explore or restaurants to try. Fortunately, Boston has stood the test of time and I’m still finding new ways to enjoy myself around the city. Part of the reason for the for the staying power of a town like Boston is that it has so many little neighborhoods, and most of them are within walking distance. For example, my girlfriend and I decided to have a date night and check out a new candlepin bowling place located in the ever-changing section of Allston that abuts I-90. With only six lanes, the place was booked for the night, so we just decided to mosey around town and find a good slice of pizza somewhere new. The weather was mild, so we were in no rush, and we walked past the bars in Brighton and the college student haunts along Comm Ave. We walked past Fenway Park—its lights out for just a few more weeks before opening day—and came upon Boylston Street, where the streets were bustling with people heading to the nearby bars, restaurants, and theaters. Even in the few years that we’ve been here, we noticed the street was filled with places to shop and eat. The short distance we walked from the college-centric scene on Commonwealth Avenue brought a whole different vibe.

It is like that in many parts of the city, where you will walk a few blocks and emerge in a whole different kind of Boston. In some places, it feels as if there is a chronological aspect to it—the college kids hang out around Brighton and Allston, the young professionals prefer the South End, the old stodgy folks prefer the fancy restaurants in Beacon Hill. What I enjoy about the city is that no matter where you find yourself, you are sure to find something new and interesting and fun. Just pick a direction and walk, and you’ll end up finding a funky new bar in Cambridge, a scenic trail in Jamaica Plain, or a historic site in Charlestown. With so many options, a staycation still feels like a getaway—and all you need is a comfy pair of shoes to get you there.

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