International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Last week (during spring break) the world celebrated International Women’s Day. I took the time to honor some of the most lovely, amazing, inspirational, strong, and supportive women in my life, and relished as others did the same: sharing stories, pictures, and memories on Instagram showcasing women who made an impact. One of my favorite parts was when people shared women who weren’t famous. Yes, Amal Alamuddin Clooney and RBG are fierce, famous women lawyers who deserve all the recognition in the world and then some. Yes, Serena Williams is the definition of a super-mom and the US Women’s Ice Hockey Team gives me so much hope for the future of female sports. But you know who else deserves recognition? Your mom, your sisters, your friends, and- YOU! The normal, everyday women who quietly do everything that is asked of them and more; the women who have made you into the woman you are today; the women who provide daily affirmation, support, guidance, and love. I loved seeing my Instagram feed filled with pictures of strong women, famous and non-famous, who have provided support to other women in one way or another.

I feel grateful to have attended BU under Dean O’Rourke’s helm and to have reaped the benefits of one of the best law school Deans of all time, male or female. I feel appreciative that I have the opportunity to learn from intelligent, successful, and incredibly gifted female professors, and am constantly in awe at the academic work they continue to produce in addition to their remarkable duties inside the classroom. I feel pride when I see the women in BU Law’s mural who paved a very rocky, difficult road and lead the way for me to walk more smoothly after them. I feel inspired by simply looking around the classroom at BU and seeing all the strong women seated next to me. I feel endlessly supported each autumn when I attend the Women’s Law Association’s Faculty Meet and Greet where many of our female faculty members speak to the room about their experiences and offer words of wisdom on how to succeed as a woman in law. And I feel uninhibited around many of the male professors and classmates who support and promote female equality in the field of law.

International Women’s Day was, for me, an exciting but humbling experience. I couldn’t fit into this post all my thoughts and feelings about the day, its message, and its heightened meaning when put into context of the current tense environment. I took time to reflect on my role as a woman in law, both what I liked and what I disliked. I reflected on how far we have come, and how far we have to go: not just for women, but for all minorities of all kinds who are underrepresented in law and other fields. And, I spent the day with my mom, just the two of us. That was the best part of it all.



My mom! Circa… sometime pre-Caroline, and pre-Alex (my older sister).

And, of course, no legal-themed International Women’s Day post would be completed without…


(courtesy of Google).

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