Favorite Boston-Based Instagram Accounts

I got really into photography in high school and took courses all four years – it was old school and in a darkroom and I absolutely loved it. About mid-way through high school, digital photography became an area of interest as well. Now with my iPhone, I rarely pick up my actual camera for photos (which I’m going to try to change this summer!), but as you can imagine, Instagram has appealed to me from way back (which was early college for me). I’ve had a fickle relationship with most forms of social media, but Instagram has always been something that I’ve been drawn to and have genuinely enjoyed.

Before moving to Boston (and even looking at BU), I started following several Boston-based photographers on Instagram. I know I’m not the first to fawn over the architecture of this city, but seeing how these photographers were able to capture brownstones, snowfall, and just the general character and spirit of this city made me so excited at the prospect of living here long before it was a real possibility. Listed below are some of my favorite accounts, and even though I’m happy that the cold winter months are behind us, I will admit that I’ll be sad to see less of the incredible photographs of this city during and after snowfall. I even made a ‘Collection’ on Instagram called ‘Boston’ where I save all of my favorite photos to look back on later.

  1. @brianmcw – I think Brian is the first Boston photographer I followed on Instagram way back when. His photographs speak for themselves and never fail to disappoint. He also occasionally adds in historical context to some of the buildings that he posts.
  2. @IGBoston – I found IGBoston soon after finding Brian (I believe that he started this account as well, but don’t take my word for it). It’s basically a curation of all different Boston-based photographers, and is where I’ve found a lot of other photographers that I love here.
  3. @vic_nkt – Another one of my absolute favorite accounts is Civtorio Nakata’s. Especially in the snow. See what I mean?
  4. @joethommas – Full disclosure, Joe’s account isn’t 100% Boston as he travels to many other places and takes beautiful photographs wherever he goes. But most of his feed is Boston-based and he is an incredible photographer.
  5. @yanan.aurora – This account is a bit different from the others in terms of the style of photography. Many of Yanan’s photographs feature puddle reflections. Here is a good example.

I hope that if you’re not already following these accounts, you check them out and give them a follow. Even though Law School hasn’t exactly given me ample time to go on photo adventures throughout the city, just seeing their photographs on my feed each day makes me excited to continue to explore this city and make it even more of my home.

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