Another Semester, Another Course Selection Debacle

I know it’s a bit early for course selection, but as the clinics and externship deadline has come and passed for the 2018-2019 school year, I think it’s appropriate to reflect now, right before course selection comes full force. BU Law’s course selection is really a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because there are so many opportunities to take advantage of through courses, externships, clinics, moot court competitions, and classes one can audit at the other BU Schools. It’s a curse because there’s not enough credits in a year to get all of the requirements done and participate in all the opportunities you want. It’s also a course because you only have, effectively, 2 years at BU Law (since first year is, like almost all other law schools, controlled) to choose what you want to do, and second year is so dependent upon what opportunities you can participate in as a 3L.

Course selection as a whole- deciding how to spend your time, which extracurriculars (like journal and clubs) you want to participate in, which classes will hit the requirements you need, which classes you really want to take- is, to be honest, frustrating. There’s a lot of things to juggle and it’s hard to keep everything straight, especially when there’s floating deadlines. For example, even though it’s well before course selection time, deadlines for some opportunities have already come up; namely, externships for the fall and clinics. In deciding to apply for these, you have to figure out if you’ll have enough room to hit all of your requirements, which requirements the clinic or externship will satisfy, and how much time will be taken up by a clinic or externship. Then, when course selection rolls around, you have to work your other classes around any clinic or externship requirements, make sure you balance seminars and lectures, make sure you have enough time for any journal and club commitments, and at the end of the day, there’s going to be things you wish you could have done but that simply do not fit.

In reality, though it’s frustrating, I suppose if I take a step back it’s important to realize that this is a good problem to have. I have dozens of amazing opportunities at my fingertips! Even though I can’t pick them all, I can certainly pick ones that I really, really like. In this vein, I’ve already decided to apply for a judicial externship. Everyone that I’ve talked to has really enjoyed their time working for a judge (whether it was during a summer internship or externship). I also felt like it would have been a little disingenuous if I went through three years of law school without stepping foot into a court room other than for moot court purposes! This externship, if I am accepted, will be about 20 hours a week with the judge and will satisfy my remaining credits for experiential learning requirement, and then the class component will satisfy the professional responsibility requirement. Though it was a decision that certainly required a lot of planning (that I somehow still pushed to the last minute), I’m really happy with this decision. I’m eager to learn from a judge and spend time in the heart of our justice system, and it’s an opportunity I’m so grateful I have the chance to participate in.

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