Can You Believe It?

In some of the recent conversations I’ve had with friends and family, there has been a consistent question: “Just over a month left… Can you believe it?” They are asking in a “time flies” kind of way, meaning it’s amazing that three years have almost come and gone since my first day of classes as a 1L. I generally say no, I can’t believe it, but not necessarily for those reasons. In the next month there is still so much to do—bar applications, job applications, final papers, presentations, and so on—it is hard to believe that all of that can be accomplished in such a short timeframe. Even though graduation is in sight, it feels distant; a vision through a scotch mist.

Of course, like it or not, graduation day will come and we’ll be opening a new chapter in our lives, wherever that may be. I am excited to see what happens next, and I am feel fortunate to have had all the things fall in place to get me to BU Law. Just as I am getting ready to graduate, there is a new class making plans for their move to Boston late this summer, and I can fondly remember the excitement that came along with those days. Looking back, I suppose I can’t believe it was less than three years ago that I was in their shoes; a time before I knew what law school really was like or what to expect. My computer was new, and it wasn’t filled folders and folders of paper drafts, memos, cover letters, and law review articles. I had no idea what kind of law I wanted to focus on, or what summer internships I’d have. I’m not even sure I knew what a tort was.

It is hard to believe that just under three years ago I was trying to pick my seat for my first Contracts class only to find out that everyone else would show up a half-hour early to do the same thing. I remember thinking my first 1L networking events might make or break my career, and how ridiculous that seems now. I once wondered how on earth anyone could figure out the Bluebook, and now I look at the tattered pages of my overused 20th edition and realize I can cite some of the rules from memory.

Taking a moment to step back and think about it, my friends and family are right—I can’t believe it has been less than three years, and how much we fit into that short window at law school. For me and my fellow 3Ls, our time here has changed how we look at the world, how we approach problems, and even how we communicate. It is hard to believe we’ll all be going our separate ways in just over a month. As we move on, we’ll stay in touch and get updates from each other and hear about all the remarkable things that our classmates are accomplishing. That part I will find very easy to believe.

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