Summer 2018 Bucket List

Summer 2018 is (ALMOST) here! With the warm weather giving me a glimpse into outdoor activities after the long, cold winter, I’m itching to get started on my 2018 Summer Bucket List. I thought I’d share a few of my bucket list items with you all in case you’d like to join me! Not all of them are new, but if I’ve put it on my bucket list for a second year, that means it must be really, really good!

  1. Coolidge Corner Art Festival

This item isn’t new; I attended the art festival for the first time last summer. I loved it so much that I’m so looking forward to going again! This year it is June 2nd and it takes place on Babcock Street in Coolidge Corner. The art festival features local, independent artists that sell all sorts of creative goods: paintings, photography, prints, clothing (I saw a very eccentric RBG shirt last year that I may have to hunt down!), wood work, metal work, you name it! I snagged some amazing prints for my gallery wall last year and plan on getting one more this year along with perhaps jewelry or that RBG shirt! I also invited my mom who loves unique art pieces. For people less than thrilled with art (aka significant others you drag along with you) there’s a plethora of food trucks and beer vendors available to keep everyone full and happy! For more information see here.

2. See a movie at Coolidge Corner Theatre 

While we’re on the topic of RBG, the new documentary about her life recently came to theaters including the fabled Coolidge Corner Theatre. Seeing a movie at this theatre has been on my bucket list since I moved to Brookline two years ago. My law school friend and I have plans to see the RBG movie once finals are over! Check out the Coolidge Corner Theatre showtimes here.

3. City Hall Plaza

Okay, so Boston’s City Hall is a monstrosity of brutalism architecture that is just all around hideous. As a result, the area surrounding it was kind of… bleh. But Boston has really stepped up its game recently by revamping City Hall Plaza and having seasonal “pop-ups” of activity. The summer is really great, as they host the annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl and the Boston Pizza Festival. I’ve been to the pizza festival, and the Scooper Bowl draws my dad, sister, and brother-in-law every year. But I’m really excited for City Hall Plaza’s constant summer session this year: Honeycomb Creamery ice cream (I’m an ice cream snob, so I’m excited to try this new place!), Wachusett Brewery, mini-golf, and a rotation of food trucks AND rescue puppies to pet every week. What isn’t to love?!?! Find out more details here.

4. Red Sox Game

Is it really a Boston summer if you don’t go to at least one Red Sox game? (Answer: no, no it’s not).



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