Dreams Do Come True

I’m done with law school. I’m actually done. DONE.

It’s been a week since I submitted my last paper, and it’s still sinking in. Tomorrow I get to sit alongside my classmates and receive a diploma that reflects three years of hard work, amazing experiences, and yes, tears. And I’m done!

My path to law school was long and windy. After undergrad, I worked as a legal assistant for several years. I saw litigation happening up-close, day after day. And I wanted so badly to be able to do more. I learned as much as I could about procedure, and picked up bits and pieces about the substantive areas of the law I encountered. (Plus – being a legal assistant DID make civil procedure a bit easier!) But the thing about the legal industry is that it’s a licensed industry. In order to make the difference I wanted to make, I had to become a lawyer.

Several years ago, as I was studying for the LSAT, I wrote this poem. It was inspired by how I felt, sitting at a desk every day directly across from an attorney’s office. I wanted more than anything to be a lawyer. To be able to write a motion, not just check it for typos. To sign off on a brief, not just make copies of it.

And what’s incredible, is that tomrrow I will receive my JD. I still have hurdle of the bar, but tomorrow I receive a piece of paper that proves to me that dreams can come true.


Hallways are not runways here
Between offices and desks are ramparts
Thick as the grime in the 4 feet of thin carpet
They stride over
Oblivious to the wall that doesn’t seem to bother them
Like drowning in the sight of oxygen
Office creature climbs atop rampart to interact with desk creature
Sole purpose some mundane task
Two strangers as if from two different worlds
Neither cares to cross
So I guess I’m alone
Ive always loved climbing rocks but ive never wanted to climb a wall so much
All I want is to cross


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