3L Year: It’s later than you think, but it’s never too late

There’s a quote that I found inscribed on a belltower in Oxford that has stuck with me since I stumbled across it that autumn day during my time studying abroad. The quote says, “It’s later than you think, but it’s never too late.” Every once in a while it echoes in my mind, and it has become prominent as I begin 3L year. It’s hard to believe that it’s already my 3L year: my last year at BU Law and perhaps my last year of school forever. School is the most constant thing I’ve known since I was five years old, and has become so intertwined with my identity. As I grapple with the fact that in just a handful of months I will no longer have the safety blanket of school guiding my months and my life, I’ve realized that I need to make the most of this last 3L year. So, while it’s later than I think, because I never realized until now the gravity of this being my last year of law school, I’ve learned that…

… it’s never too late to take advantage of new opportunities. This semester I’m externing with a judge at the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. This is exciting because I haven’t worked for a judge before. While this was a token 1L and even 2L summer job for most of my classmates, I ended up doing something else both summers. This is my first look at how the other side of the law functions: the back-end of litigation, trials, oral arguments, briefs, and everything in between. And it has shown me that I still have a lot to learn, and that while school may be ending soon, I can never stop challenging myself and growing academically and professionally.

… it’s never too late to make more friends. As a 3L, 2/3rds of the people that I started law school with have now graduated, including some of my closest friends. But that means there’s so many new people to meet! When you get into 2L and 3L classes, you’re not stuck with your section anymore, so there’s an abundance of new faces. I’ve met new people in my 3L year through class and friends, I’ve enhanced relationships with people I am acquainted with, and I’ve met new people in the 2L year through my journal. Though I’m naturally shy, I do like meeting new people and it keeps things fresh and exciting.

… it’s never too late to find a new class to enjoy. I’ve solidly found my academic passion in international law, and I love the exciting projects that I get to work on with Professor Ingber and taking the classes that intersect with different aspects of international law. But because of my externship this year my schedule is really condensed, and I had to focus my one doctrinal class that I can fit in this semester on a bar-prep and general “you should really know this stuff” course. I ended up in Trusts & Estates after some scheduling troubles, and I surprisingly love it! I think the interpersonal aspect of this field of law is what makes it interesting for me.


It’s later than I think, but it’s never too late.





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