November, 3L Year

“Hey mom! Hey! Moooooom. What should I write my blog post about?”

“Blog post? I didn’t know you had a blog.”


Mom picks up the Rae Dunn platter she’s taking a price sticker off of.

“Mom, I’ve been blogging for the law school since 1L.”


“Write about Rae Dunn!”

No, mom, I don’t think I’m going to write about your obsession with this specific pottery maker.


“Uhmmmmm…. I don’t know. What do you usually write it about? I don’t know. Write about Savannah.”

I’d gladly write seven novels about my adorable, fierce, sassy, one-and-a-half-year-old niece, but I don’t think this is quite the forum.


“I don’t know. The legalization of pot.”

Uhm. Okay mom. Thanks.


Clearly, my mom hasn’t quite provided me with a lot of fodder to work with while I relax at home over Thanksgiving break. And, truth be told, I don’t personally have a lot to write about right now. It’s my 3L year. I’m spending most of my time at my judicial externship, and it doesn’t feel like I’m ever on campus, even though I’m there for T&E class twice a week (and half a day on Wednesday). It’s the end of November, which means outlining and finals prep are both in full swing, even though I feel weird about the dichotomy of having two classes but spending a significant amount of my time, energy, and brain power at the courthouse.

This time of year feels exactly the same as it has for the past six years of my life between law school and college. Ten, if we want to count high school, since finals season really started then. Stress levels are starting to rise. The temperature is dropping, layers are increasing, and daylight is with us less and less. Friendsgivings and Thanksgivings serve as a reminder that there are family reunions and holiday celebrations to look forward to ever so soon, but they seem so far away, at the other end of the finals tunnel. Motivation is harder to muster, and “tired” is just a permanent fixture of my personality.

… and yet, I still find myself trying to soak it all in, including the stress, and the feeling of time ticking away. Law school goes by so incredibly quickly. It really does. It seems like eternity when you’re in the midst of finals. But, as I look back on the past two and a half years, it’s weird to think that it’s almost all over, and with it, my academic career. Sure, I’ve always considered a PhD, but academic burnout is no joke and while another degree might be in the cards for me much later down the road, it certainly isn’t something that’s on my mind right now or for the near future. After three years throwing everything I have in me at earning a high-caliber degree from BU Law, I’m ready to be a non-academic adult and learn on the job instead of in the classroom.

So, as of right now, this will be the last time I spend November prepping for final exams. The last time I’ll use up every ounce of my energy to make it to Christmas and then get rewarded with a month of relaxation with my family. The last time my holiday schedule will revolve around academic calendars, changing ever-so-slightly year to year. Truth be told, I’m kind of sad about it. I won’t miss the overwhelming amount of stress that overshadows this time of year and I won’t miss the way holiday prep takes a back-seat to studying. But I think I’ll miss the feeling of being a student, just a bit. I know I’ll never stop learning, but this is perhaps one of the last time I’ll be learning in this environment.

I’m not sure what the focus of this blog post was intended to be, and I think that’s indicative of how I’m feeling right now, as a 3L, caught in a weird place of having done this whole “finals thing” far too many times and being ready for the real world, but at the same time trying to remember this feeling and soak it all in. So I’m going to go spend some time online-black-Friday shopping with my mom, and spend some time working on my final paper for legal ethics. I’m going to probably not get all the work done that I wanted to, and probably spend too much money. Just like every year. And I’m okay with that.

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Eleanora Taliferro posted on March 5, 2019 at 6:14 am

great post!

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