Restaurant Spotlight: Island Creek Oyster Bar

You do not have to walk far from the Boston University Law School Tower in order to find some enticing dinner options, one of them being Island Creek Oyster Bar. Only a fifteen minute walk from the school, the restaurant is located in the heart of Kenmore Square. The restaurant has a modern flare, and its’ d├ęcor is accentuated with distressed wood. The back wall of the restaurant is lined floor-to-ceiling with bleached oyster shells, adding an impressive focal point.

Unsurprisingly, the main event at Island Creek Oyster Bar is their oysters. The “Island Creek Oyster’s” originate in Duxbury, Massachusetts, about an hour south of Boston. However they serve oyster’s from all over Massachusetts, and a few from Maine as well. It does not take an oyster connoisseur to immediately notice the oyster’s freshness.

Additionally they serve lobster rolls, roasted chicken and skirt steak; all wonderful options. For dessert they offer chocolate pudding and potato donuts, however their Banoffee Pie is to die for. The restaurant offers a full bar, and an extensive wine list to compliment any dish you choose.

I highly recommend Island Creek Oyster Bar and am grateful that it is located so close to the law school tower. Nothing says study break like a local raw bar!


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