It’s Finals Week! Take a Break at Brookline Booksmith

My first week in Boston, my roommate asked if I would join him on a walk to the bookstore. Expecting him to take me to a Barnes & Noble (no disrespect to B&N), I was thrilled to find Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner.

Brookline Booksmith

Brookline Booksmith

The first floor is dedicated to new books. Luckily for students, there are usually several tables featuring books on sale. You’ll also find an array of gifts: socks, soaps, dishcloths, greeting cards. It is a joyful place.

My favorite part of Brookline Booksmith, though, is the used book section on the bottom floor. On my first visit, I scored a copy of Goliath, Tom Gauld’s graphic novel retelling the fabled story of the giant who fought David (spoiler alert: could Goliath have been a humble paper-pusher who got the raw end of a deal?). I also stored away Ha Jin’s The Bridegroom until this week. I love reading short stories when I am at my busiest.

In my humble opinion, you can always find 30 minutes to spare to do something you love. I would be lying if I said you won’t make some sacrifices in your 1L year—for example, I used to be on a weightlifting team, and now I am lucky if I lift twice a week—but don’t let anyone convince you that you need to quit what makes you happy! Law school is part of who you are, but it does not need to consume every minute of your time.

Take reading. Before law school, I was convinced that after a day full of reading casebooks, the last thing I would want to do is lay in bed and read some more. For me, the key to keep up my hobby was to find books I can swallow a little at a time—mainly essays and short stories. Reading for pleasure has kept my heart happy and my imagination active, and it helps me relax before bed. Maybe the fact that I have only had two wild law school dreams this semester is a testament to my bedtime routine!

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