Study Spot: Coolidge Corner Branch Library

I have been awaiting this moment for months: the Coolidge Corner Branch of The Public Library of Brookline has finally reopened after renovations. I don’t know what it looked like before, but I can tell you now that it is my new favorite place to study. (Which I should definitely be doing right now. Finals. Oy.)


  1. Accessible, gender-inclusive restrooms.
  2. Exposed brick, tall windows, art, and greenery.
  3. Spacious tables, and carrels when you need to get down to business.
  4. Cake pan rentals from the “Library of Things.” Seriously. You can make a pirate ship cake.
  5. The vibrant kids section is separated by a glass wall, so you can see their sweet faces…but not hear their sweet voices when you’re working.
  6. Just a block off the T’s C line.

    Coolidge Corner Branch Library

    Coolidge Corner Branch Library

Things to Know 

  1. I did not find any outlets at the tables. I needed to use a carrel to charge my laptop.
  2. Check the hours before you go. The library is open late on weeknights but has more limited hours on weekends.
  3. If you drive, remember that Brookline has pretty restrictive on-street parking rules. (Save trouble and bike!)

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