How to avoid law school during break

You’ve done it. You finished all your finals and now you can say the basic phrase you have been waiting to say: I am one sixth a lawyer. It feels good. But, are you prepared for the barrage of jokes coming your way?

“Is Legally Blonde really what law school is like?”

“If I get in trouble, I know who I’m calling!”

My Dad has been repeating a slogan for years. He got it after seeing one too many Spanish law commercials, where a personal injury lawyer calls himself “the strong arm.” Little did he know it has come to haunt me. So now my Dad constantly says, “you’re going to be just like el brazo fuerte!”

If you find yourself thinking “please shut up,” then you most likely need to change the conversation topic quick.

When someone asks “how’s law school?” Give ’em the classic “it’s so interesting, difficult, but interesting.” And then switch the conversation back to them. How’s work? How are the kids? What kind of music are you listening to? Always keep it vague and you might be able to avoid flashbacks to your last semester. If they ask about grades, tell them you passed! Because if you showed up to the final exam, odds are you did in fact pass. You won’t know how you actually did until later on, but this is the perfect opportunity to make your family members think you are a genius without actual proof.

If you can’t avoid the topic altogether, then just run. Get out of the house, leave your phone, and go do something fun. Go out with some old friends, go ice skating with your boo, or nestle by the fire and read a good book. This is your time to relax and forget about law school, don’t let questions and puns ruin that for you!


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