Let Google Help Organize 1L

One of the best things I did in preparation for 1L was setting up my Calendar before the semester started. There are a variety of calendars out in the market however my favorite one so far has been Google Calendar. Google Calendar allows you to maintain a full calendar on a variety of devices, because it saves the information to the cloud. That was helpful for me, because it was so much easier to just pull out my phone and open the app to check on something, then having to carry around a planner all the time.

Additionally, you can set up time alerts on google calendar. This has been super useful, especially when teachers alter class times. 

Moreover, you can click on a particular event on the calendar -allowing you to open the event up and save a substantial amount of information within the date. This is one of my favorite features of Google Calendar, because it allowed me to save all the homework assignments on the particular day, so I didn’t have to pull out the syllabus every time I needed to check what the assigned readings were. This is much different then a physical calendar, because it allows much more space to write things out. 

Lastly, SGA hosts a variety of events thought-out the year and Google Calendar makes it so easy to add these events with just one click to assimilate the dates into your calendar. 

I highly suggest trying out Google Calendar and the best part is that it is free of charge as long as you have a google account -and everyone at BU Law is issued one anyways so there is no excuse not to try it out ! 

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